Alpha State Advocates

Athletes passionate about Alpha State

Suzanna Petrich

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Suzanna is a Bikini Fitnesss Competitor from Sydney, Australia. Since starting her career 12 months ago, Suzanna has won 6 titles and has earned her Pro-Card. She has been recently featured in Australia’s Oxygen magazine and is looking forward to competing in the WBFF Worlds in August, 2017.

Mirko Mamic

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Mirko has ben weight training for over 10 years. His passion is  now heading toward the ring, specifically in the form of Kick Boxing. The need for added speed and endurance has meant a complete overhaul to his training regime. A change which Mirko is relishing!

Matiu brown

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Matiu has been part of the Crossfit scene in NZ for a number of years now as coach and competitor. He has a helped in bringing a lot of people from an unhealthy place in their lives to being fighting fit. He’s also pretty good at lifting heavy stuff 🙂 

Mayada burjony

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Mayada is Nutrtionist and Personal Trainer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has been involved in the industry for 10 years now and has helped in a number of successful transformations from unhealthy to healthy. Mayada is passionate about endurance training and tries to run at least 10kms per day! 

Jake Nicol

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Jake started his fitness journey about 6 years ago with a bar and a couple of 10kg plates. Over that time he has developed a passion for weight training and is now inspiring others to pick up a barbell and start training.


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Nik has been boxing for over 14 years, with 15 pro matches under his belt of which he has an impressive 14 wins. With his professional career just getting underway, it won’t be long before Nik is fighting under the bright lights of Vegas.

Coralie Coom

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Coralie is a frequent competitor in Masters Crossfit competitions. To stay in competitive condition Coralie trains extensivley, focusing on strength and endurance.  


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Matt started training at a young age, starting with traditional body building techniques. He has recently turned to functional strength and fitness styles of training