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How Alpha State began…..

June 2014. This was a poignant month for me. For one, it was the genesis of Alpha State (not that I knew it yet) and probably more importantly it was the point where I decided to stop being fat, start losing weight, getting healthy and looking and feeling fit.I had been overweight for 14 years at this point and I decided enough was enough and I wanted to be able to tie my shoe laces without almost passing out.

Over the course of the next 18 months I trained hard. Six days a week at the gym or on the footy field, 4 times week I did Crossfit in the morning and hit the traditional heavy lifting style in the afternoon. Friends and family dipped in and out of joining me on the “getting healthy buzz” and for the ones that stuck at it, we were starting to see some results, which was great! Brad and I trained together often over this period (and still do). We would research the best training techniques and eating plans to achieve fat loss and lean muscle growth. These discussions, while training was the impetus to the creation of Alpha State.

As I had invested 18 months of my life to healthy eating and regular exercise, I started to look for products to help me on my way toward my end goal. Recovery after training was always an issue for me, especially when I introduced High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into the mix. HIIT is a great way to lose fat, but it could absolutely smash me! When I first started using this training method, sometimes I couldn’t function properly for a couple of days afterward, I’m specifically thinking of when I used to attempt “Fran”.

Brad and I started doing some research into the best Recovery Products to aid us, but all we ever really found was various protein powders, maybe some Creatine, BCAA capsules, etc. These products are great if you are training extensively or close to it and have the time and knowledge to put into nutritional research. If, like me however, you are “time poor” there is nothing specific for total body recovery on the market we could see, that is ready to go and easy to take.

This led us to the fine folk at the University of Otago. The food technology team helped us design a properly focused Recovery Product. A product that helps the whole body, not just the muscle tissue.

We found the similar hurdles in the active apparel sector too. There were a lot of clothes for those with an athlete’s physique. Otherwise the other options were ill fitting, uncomfortable variations for the masses. So, again, we consulted with athletes, trainers, fitness professionals and enthusiastic amateurs to come up with a range of training gear that looks great, feels comfortable and is easy to workout in.

We wanted clothes that would fit the right places, to show off your hard-won gains, but keep a little mystery before you’re comfortable to go full ‘suns out, guns out’ in the summer.

All our products are designed in New Zealand to fit our active lifestyle. Everything we have designed is our attempt at developing further advancement in the Health & Fitness Industry. Whether it be a supplement that supports gut health for better absorption of nutrients or a T–Shirt that fits snuggly around the shoulders (where you generally drop fat first) but keeps it free and easy around the mid-section (where you lose fat last) every product has been considered, designed, tested, re-designed, tested some more, you get the point.

We are extremely proud of our product lines and we know you’ll love them. These are products to help you on your way to a healthier version of you. Ultimately it is your focus that will get you to your health and fitness goals, so go to the gym, go for a walk, eat a salad or two and have fun getting there!

Chris Buhmann

Co Founder – Alpha State.

Pictured: Louina (Design Manager), Sean, Brittane (Brand Ambassadors) Brad and Chris (Founders)

Timely Support

If you have any queries or concerns, we promise to get back to you as quickly as possible. There will always be someone in the office answering emails and social media enquires, so don’t worry we’ll get to you, unless its in the early hours of the morning in NZ. Then we’ll probably be asleep, but we’ll reply in the morning 🙂

Innovative Ideas

Our products are awesome! We have designed beneficial products that have real world application. This is an ever-evolving machine. We have started with our Re(Gen)eration Recovery powder, but we have a few more exciting ideas being tested as we speak! Watch this space.

Advanced Technology

We have partnered up with the best players in their respective fields, to bring you a fresh take on sports supplementation and apparel. Whether it is the design team at the University of Otago developing the nutritional products that help you toward your end goal or the fact that some of the material we use combines cotton and bamboo fibres to increase strength and breathability. We are constantly trying to improve functionality for an active lifestyle.

Clear Communication

Our focus is on assisting you on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals. Aside from our great products we will be posting studies on the latest in nutrition and developments in materials and design in the active apparel space.

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