About Alpha State

About Alpha State

Alpha State are passionate about performance excellence. Delivering the best is all we care about, the best gym wear, the best sports supplements, all to help you get the best results from your workouts.

About Our Technology

The technology used to create our sports products is proven, our supplements have been created at the University of Otago and are specifically for the purpose of helping you workout, and recover faster. There are simply no other products that have been created with the same level of intense passion and drive as Alpha State sports supplements.

About You

The subtley stylish,  practical clothing that makes a statement about what kind of person you are. If you are a high-end, fashion-aware person that cares about your lifestyle and your image, if you only accept the best results, you are an Alpha State person.

About Our Products

Alpha State Protein Powder

Lean muscle gain with immune system support.

Alpha State Regeneration

Combats muscle fatigue, so you can go back to your workout quicker.

Alpha State Clothing

Designed with Elastane to show off your hard earned gains.

If you want the very best then there is only one name to remember.
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